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Interested in Working Together?

Here’s What You Can Expect

We are excited to work with you Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors

Together, we will address your personal goals and lifestyle as we discuss what your financial picture currently looks like and what your vision consists of for your future. By making your plan relatable, we believe it becomes easier to digest and implement into your current lifestyle.

This two-minute video will explain the systematic process we take clients through during our planning meetings.



Private Wealth Management Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsPrivate Wealth Management


Financial Planning Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsFinancial


Investment Management Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsInvestment Management


Retirement Planning Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsRetirement


Our Process:

Introductory Consultation Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors


Introductory Consultation

During our initial conversation, our goal is to determine what your needs are and how we can approach them. Our ability to help you articulate your specific situation is the foundation of our proven planning process. With this in mind, we’ll be able to determine whether we’re a good fit moving forward. 

Discovery Meeting Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors


Discovery Meeting

Through an assessment of your current financial situation, we’ll begin to develop a rough draft of your financial plan. We’ll take the time to educate and answer any questions you may have regarding the details of your specific circumstances and the steps involved to achieve your goals. We strive to offer perspective and understanding to empower you to attain your long-term aspirations. 

Implementation Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors



At this time we’ll outline specific strategies for reaching your financial goals, based on your plan. We’ll address relevant topics and needs that are unique to your situation including, but not limited to: cash flow, budgeting, retirement plans, legacy and succession planning, etc. We will also run various scenarios and stress tests to visualize how your decisions today can impact your business in the future. 

Ongoing Monitor & Review Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors


Ongoing Monitor & Review

Together, we will establish a meeting schedule to ensure that your plan remains on track. This component of the process may be the most important because the only constant in life is change. Ensuring that change is managed efficiently and regularly will increase your likelihood of maintaining a successful plan in the long run.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Clients often come to us with a number of questions and uncertainty regarding how or where to start....and that’s okay! Our job is to provide confidence in knowing that we’re here to guide you and help alleviate your concerns. Through a complimentary consultation, we’ll begin by addressing your immediate concerns and help you get on track.  

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