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Our Approach for
Retirement Planning

Why Choose the RiversEdge Retirement Plan Advisors?

Supporting Business Owners in Managing the Taxing Side of Their Company

Choosing which retirement planning solutions will work best for you and your employees is no easy feat. With strict fiduciary responsibilities and regulations in place to protect participants, managing the company retirement plan can become a full-time job in itself. Not only does this place a hefty time constraint on the Plan Sponsor whose talents are best served in other areas of the business but can potentially expose them to unforeseen risks.

Our team helps companies design, implement and monitor their ideal retirement plan. Our goal is to minimize management risk for the Plan Sponsor while helping them deliver the highest standard of retirement solutions to their participants. Our combined decades worth of experience and expertise in the field position us as one of the region’s top choice providers for retirement planning advice.   

Guidance for Both Sponsors and Participants: A Two-Fold Approach

Consulting Services for Plan Sponsors

  • RiversEdge Retirement Team works hand in hand with Plan Sponsors to educate them about their responsibilities, guide them through the steps to remain in legal compliance and minimize their liability exposure.

  • RiversEdge simplifies these processes by providing each Plan Sponsor with Fiduciary Education

  • Fee Benchmarking analysis of Investment Policy Statements, and analysis of Plan Design/ Compliance Documentation as necessary.

  • As part of this process, we provide fiduciaries and trustees with ongoing progress reports to help familiarize them with their regulatory responsibilities and reduce their overall risk.

Advisory Services for Plan Participants

  • For over nineteen years, the members on our team have been collaborating with businesses of all varieties and sizes to design, implement and monitor successful retirement plans.

  • We begin by educating participants about the options that will best help them accomplish their long-term goals and objectives.

  • After choosing a plan and exploring investment options, we help participants put that plan into action

Our Process

For the Plan Sponsor

  • Educate: At this juncture we teach you about your options, work to build a smart retirement strategy for your business and begin designing the implementation plan. We also take this time to create your education policy statement.

  • Design Your Plan: This step involves an analysis of your current plan and future goals. We then offer customized solutions that ensure costs and plan provider relationships are in check.

  • Fiduciary Duty: Part of this program is to ensure your plan is in compliance with the most up-to-date Department of Labor regulations. We help reduce your plan sponsor’s risk by walking you through the process and compliance documentation as well as benchmarking your plan against industry standards.

  • Investment Consulting: We continue to help you select, monitor and adjust your investment options as well as draft an investment policy statement for your unique plan.

For the Participant

  • Retirement Readiness: We teach your participants how to monitor their progress, decide on deferral amount, and show them how goal setting can help them better prepare for retirement.

  • Investment Advice: We educate participants on the investment choices to ensure they have the knowledge to create and maintain an appropriate portfolio and encourage them to be disciplined and prudent in their investment choices.

  • Education and Resources: Your participants will have access to the expertise of our the RiversEdge Retirement Plan team, third-party educational material, provider material, as well as original articles written and provided by our firm.

Providers Wilmington, DE RiversEdge Advisors


We work with top-tier providers to deliver the best in class retirement planning options available. With an understanding of our clients’ goals and how they wish to design their retirement plan, we will research and present the best fit options from the financial service providers specializing in 401Ks. We vet each and every one of these providers upfront and review their programs annually to ensure success over the life of the plan. Existing clients can use the appropriate link below for access to their account, or select Contact Us and a RiversEdge representative will contact you directly.