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3 Modern Marketing Tips Thumbnail

3 Modern Marketing Tips

Successful Marketing Strategies

(You Won’t Want Your Competitors to Know About)

Marketing tips from your financial advisor? 

We know, this isn’t your typical financial advisor post, but we aren’t your typical financial advisors. 

Yes, you still need to know about taxes and retirement planning, but what about some tips on how to make more money now?! 

The success of your business is our business, in every sense of the word, so let’s get cracking. 

For this article, we asked some of our favorite marketing buddies to share their best business generation tips for 2022 with you!

Don’t worry, Tik Tok is not a requirement (unless that’s your jam). You can customize these tips to fit your brand, no matter what your line of business. 

1) “Become a Student of the Game”

-From David Newman, best-selling author of “Do It! Marketing.” Grab your free Do It! Marketing Manifesto at doitmarketing.com/manifesto:

“Many entrepreneurs focus so much on marketing and selling that they neglect to deeply understand exactly what their clients want to achieve or solve. Profitable companies know their customers better than they know themselves. They sell the value, impact, and results their customers want to buy.  Become a student of the game. Don’t wing it or assume you already know the answers. Plan a listening campaign to understand your target audience’s problems and dreams. It’s never too late to pivot, expand, or adjust what you sell to exactly what your clients desire and demand. When you do that, you become that rare company whose products don’t need to be sold — they’re just bought.”

2) Explore Audio Advertising

-From Katie Loizeaux: Owner of Viamark Advertising

“While using audio for advertising has been a typical practice for years in the traditional sense, it has now taken a different form for the digital world. Audio advertising on streaming channels like podcasts has become a norm in today’s world. Furthermore, businesses have begun using music to advertise their products through branded songs to attract customer inquiry. A focused audio campaign integrated into your marketing plan can help connect you to the audio revolution and get your business heard.”

3) Do as Little (of the Marketing) as You Possibly Can

-From Olivia Luper, Lexicon Content Development

“Chances are, unless you run a marketing company, you shouldn’t be in charge of your own marketing. Not just because you don’t know best practices, but because your time is better served elsewhere. Of course, in today’s world, personalizing your brand is of the utmost importance, so you may need to record videos, take photos, provide quotes, or appear as a guest on podcasts, at events, on webinars, or at conferences. But no more than a couple hours a week (or, ideally a month) should be spent on your own marketing. Let the experts do what they do best to generate business for you while you focus on supporting its growth doing what you do best. Emails, social media posting, ad management, direct mail, etc. should all be handled by an in-house marketing director or an outsourced vendor. Of course, if you are not in a position to hire or outsource, then automate as many of these processes as you can to save time and ensure leads and prospects don’t fall through the cracks.”