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Welcome to RiversEdge Advisors

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RiversEdge Advisors is an independent, award-winning Investment advisory firm founded in Wilmington, DE in 2013. RiversEdge serves high-net-worth individuals and families seeking to maximize financial security and understanding. RiversEdge also provides a full suite of business advisory and planning solutions across insurance, retirement, and investment, including ongoing servicing and education. All solutions are delivered through customized, time tested, strategies and on a national scale.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware

Who We Serve. Which One Are You?:

Private Wealth Management Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsBusiness Owner & Entrepreneur

I pay way too much in taxes. Am I doing everything I can to pay less?

How do I ensure selling my business is the right decision?

Am I utilizing my retirement plan to its fullest potential?

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Financial Planning Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsExecutives     

How do I optimize my executive compensation and benefits plan?

What's the best election for my deferred comp plan?

Am I doing everything I can to reduce the amount I pay in taxes?

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Retirement Planning Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsPre-Retiree/ Retiree

How much do I need to retire?

Is my investment strategy appropriate given my retirement timeline?

How will my income be taxed during retirement?

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Investment Management Wilmington, DE RiversEdge AdvisorsYoung Professional

How much should I be saving each year for retirement?

How can I reduce my annual tax liability?

How should I balance debt repayment and saving for my other financial goals?

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We offer a wide variety of financial services. To learn more about our financial services visit the link below. 

Our Services

Capture your risk score and see if your portfolio fits you in just 5 minutes!


Why are We Different?:


We provide access to unmatched resources in the financial industry while delivering personal, customized service. By putting your interests first, we are fully committed to you, your goals and your objectives moving forward.


Our goal is to develop portfolios and financial strategies that not only help you succeed but ease your concerns and empower you to focus on what matters most.


From a clear understanding of our recommendations to full disclosure of our fees, we will remain consistently honest and upfront with you throughout our relationship.